Child Protection Training

Thank-you for looking at this information about Child Protection. Friends of the Earth has safeguarding guidelines for local groups, best viagra which apply whenever you are working with children, discount young people and vulnerable adults. This Youth and Education Network training extends these to cover times when you work with children and young people and their parents are not present such as in schools or youth clubs.

Please don’t be put off by the formal language – it has to be like this and is designed to protect you as well as the children you will work with. Keeping children and young people safe is very important and we take it seriously, but it’s also mainly common sense. Hopefully this brief training will help you see where you fit in

If you wish to become a School Visitor or educator on behalf of Friends of the Earth, you will need to answer questions about this child protection information as part of the registration.

In this information we use children and young people interchangeably.

Where we say school or youth club we mean a school, youth club or other group or organisation where children are present

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