The Bee Campaign in Schools

Hairy-footed flower beeThe school resources for the Bee Campaign are currently being developed. They will be available for download on this site and you will be able to order printed copies.

Now is the time to approach a school and book your time slot for June. Letter to schools coming here soon.

You could join the Youth and Education Network now as either a School Visitor or an Educator so you are ready to go when the time comes to go into a school. Go to the ‘Join’ page on the above tab.

You can also use this campaign to recruit some new members as educators or school visitors. A recruitment pack will be available soon, containing posters, flyers, letters to other community groups and a press release asking for people who are interested in working with children.

There is an assembly, infant and junior games, wildflower surveys and a sponsored bee hunt for the summer holiday to raise money to plant a bee friendly garden at school.

There will be training sessions available at some of the Bee Prepared Days and a training pack that you can use with your local group or other local educators/school visitors to prepare everyone to use the Bee resources in a school.

For the latest information, go to the Y&E Hub.

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