Climate Change dropped from the Geography National Curriculum

Yes, it’s true. Unbelievably, our Greenest Government Ever have decided that Climate Change is not important enough to be in the new geography curriculum.

They say they want to allow schools to teach ‘in a way that best meets the needs of their pupils’. Yet the greatest need for everyone must be to live in a world that can support them and their children in the future.

Young people need to understand that the functioning of their whole world, including our economy and society, depends on a stable environment – but it seems there is no place for this in the curriculum. There is no discussion of climate change in Geography. In citizenship, there is no mention of developing children’s understanding of the effect they have on the world or their responsibilities to others. In science, it’s not until KS3 that they need to understand ‘the production of carbon dioxide by human activity and the impact on climate’ – presumably from a chemical point of view.

How are future generations going to tackle climate change if they don’t know what it is?

 What can we do?

Andy Atkins has co-signed a letter urging ministers not to drop climate change from the national curriculum, to the Guardian on behalf of Friends of the Earth, along with other environmental organisations.

At the moment, this is a framework document open for consultation. People and Planet have set up an online petition to Michael Gove – please sign it here:

The UK Youth Climate Coalition have started a petition at here:

Look out for more action you can take on this issue or email me ( with suggestions.

Rachel Gibbons

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