Youth & Education Network – Call in & Chat Sessions

Our call in and chat sessions are for Youth & Education Network Members and members of local Friends of the Earth groups.

Out chats take place on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm

So, what’s to chat about on Wednesday 30th September?

  • In light of governmental proposals re: changes to FiTS (Feed in Tarrifs), we’re discussing the new Save our Solar Campaign
  • Leading up to Paris 2015  – discussion on getting the message about Climate Change across to under 18’s and teachers
  • Franklin’s Law Campaign – The initial steps – contacts made
  • Talking with Kate Brennan about the next two plays we would like to commission – Marine Issues and Developing Sustainable Lifestyles / Consumption
  • What’s going on in your region with children and the environment
  • Your plans and ideas, resource sharing
  • Anything else you want to talk about

If you have things you want to say about the Network, if you want to know what’s happening, you have some ideas or you’ve been busy with young people and want to tell us about it, please call in for a chat.

UK dial-in number for landline or mobile 020 7490 2665
Then, when you are asked for it please enter the PIN: 2491216

Carol, Bill, Mandy, Michelle, Laura

The Coordination Team

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Climate Change dropped from the Geography National Curriculum

Yes, it’s true. Unbelievably, our Greenest Government Ever have decided that Climate Change is not important enough to be in the new geography curriculum.

They say they want to allow schools to teach ‘in a way that best meets the needs of their pupils’. Yet the greatest need for everyone must be to live in a world that can support them and their children in the future.

Young people need to understand that the functioning of their whole world, including our economy and society, depends on a stable environment – but it seems there is no place for this in the curriculum. There is no discussion of climate change in Geography. In citizenship, there is no mention of developing children’s understanding of the effect they have on the world or their responsibilities to others. In science, it’s not until KS3 that they need to understand ‘the production of carbon dioxide by human activity and the impact on climate’ – presumably from a chemical point of view.

How are future generations going to tackle climate change if they don’t know what it is?

 What can we do?

Andy Atkins has co-signed a letter urging ministers not to drop climate change from the national curriculum, to the Guardian on behalf of Friends of the Earth, along with other environmental organisations.

At the moment, this is a framework document open for consultation. People and Planet have set up an online petition to Michael Gove – please sign it here:

The UK Youth Climate Coalition have started a petition at here:

Look out for more action you can take on this issue or email me ( with suggestions.

Rachel Gibbons

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BP in schools

Did you know that BP have been going into our schools to get children excited about oil trading? Their promotional video shows the children buying and selling shares with only one aim – to make money. These young people will have their futures blighted by the climate change caused by these fossil fuels and should not be subjected to this propaganda.

The Y&E Network are working with UKYCC, who have set up a petition on the 38 degrees website. Please add your signature to this letter to BP:

Dear BP, We have become aware of your “Trading Challenge Roadshow”, touring the country running workshops on oil trading in Britain’s secondary schools. In causing climate change, you threaten the wellbeing and livelihoods of generations present and future – you even threaten the survival of entire nations and peoples. That you seek to subject young people that are faced with the threat of the full effects of climate change to your propaganda is repulsive and morally repugnant. BP: leave Britain’s schools alone

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New Bees Education Pack on it’s way for 2013

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has emailed feedback or talked to me at training sessions and gatherings about the Bees Education pack. I’ve taken on board all your comments, and the new packs for 2013 will cover the same activities, but will:

  • Be in an A4 booklet rather than lots of loose sheets
  • Better structured and explained
  • The Phylo cards and games have been simplified
  • Be smaller, with examples in the pack rather than multiple copies. More will be online with short links

It will still be colourful and inviting, with new photos of the pack in action. There will be information about the Bee Worlds that schools will be invited to apply for and information about the Youth and Education Network and educators.

The printed packs will be available from March at The Bee Cause relauch for 2013, but might be available online earlier.

If anyone has any further feedback, stories about how they’ve used the pack or any other ideas they’ve used in their session, please let me know on

Have a great Christmas!


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Join up with us!

The joining area of the website is now complete – you can become a member of the Youth and Education Network as

  • a member – to get newsletters, information about events and resources
  • a school – to receive Friends of the Earth educational resources
  • a school visitor – to enable you to work with children up to 3 times per year on behalf of Friends of the Earth, to access training and support
  • an educator – to enable you to work with children more often on behalf of Friends of the Earth, to acccess training and support

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Now recruiting school visitors!

Common carder bee on sunflowerOur application form to join the Youth and Education Network as a School Visitor is now available, including online child protection training.

If you want to go into a school or youth club as part of the Bee Campaign (or for any other reason on behalf of Friends of the Earth) you need to join the Network. If you sign up now, you will be ready to go when the resources become available.

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The Bee Campaign in Schools

Hairy-footed flower beeThe school resources for the Bee Campaign are currently being developed. They will be available for download on this site and you will be able to order printed copies.

Now is the time to approach a school and book your time slot for June. Letter to schools coming here soon.

You could join the Youth and Education Network now as either a School Visitor or an Educator so you are ready to go when the time comes to go into a school. Go to the ‘Join’ page on the above tab.

You can also use this campaign to recruit some new members as educators or school visitors. A recruitment pack will be available soon, containing posters, flyers, letters to other community groups and a press release asking for people who are interested in working with children.

There is an assembly, infant and junior games, wildflower surveys and a sponsored bee hunt for the summer holiday to raise money to plant a bee friendly garden at school.

There will be training sessions available at some of the Bee Prepared Days and a training pack that you can use with your local group or other local educators/school visitors to prepare everyone to use the Bee resources in a school.

For the latest information, go to the Y&E Hub.

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Training Days


There will be more general training days at upcoming Regional Meetings for:

  • Members new to the Youth and Education Network
  • Members and local group members that would like a refresher / help
  • Anyone wanting advice on working with schools or youth groups as an educator within the Y & Ed Network.
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Registering as a ‘School Visitor’

If you want to go into schools as part of the Bee campaign, there is now a quick and easy way to do it, by becoming a ‘School Visitor’. From early April, you will be able to fill in an online application form and complete a short online training session, instead of needing to do a CRB check.

For more information or to join, please go to the Join page.

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